Communication:  The 4th “R”

Time:  3 – 6 hours  [can be customized to accommodate your inservice needs]

Authentic Communication Skills

Why we must be intentional about teaching our students effective communication skills beginning in Kindergarten.

The goal of this training is to create unique communication activities for your school that

  1. include students of all age and ability levels.
  2. provide for student interaction and involvement, which is critical to oral communication skills and development.
  3. involve students in sending and receiving messages in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes.
    [specifically: print, verbal, and visual]
  4. support integrating oral communication competency instruction across the curriculum.

We will also examine how to teach students the best possibility of having an interesting conversation, as well as why this skill is so important to future success in life.

A case for creating communications strand in your school

  • Competence in oral communication – in speaking, listening, and media literacy – is prerequisite to students’ personal and academic success in life.
  • In order for our students to engage the culture for Christ, they must be able to communicate.

Educators will acquire

  • a fresh perspective and passion for intentionally training students to become effective communicators.
  • an arsenal of creative tools that will enhance their current curriculum while teaching communication skills.

C.L.I.P. [Creative Language through Literature…an Integrated Program]
Time:  3 – 6 hours  [can be customized to accommodate your inservice needs]

The workshop is for the school that has adopted a strong phonics-based reading program and is looking for a way to integrate the best of children’s literature into the reading curriculum while reinforcing the school culture and creating rich family event.

Becoming a Kingdom Teacher
Time:  3 – 6 hours  [can be customized to accommodate your inservice needs]

Becoming a Kingdom Teacher is a 3 hour training session that introduces the 5 core values of a Kingdom Teacher. The outcome is an assessment tool that can be used for effective professional and personal goal setting.  [MK]


For Parent or Women’s Groups

Fireflies:  Our 10 Top Picks
Two unique sessions are created each year, making this an excellent fall and spring parent offering.

The best in children’s literature is reviewed and family extension activities are shared.  We also discuss the importance of developing communication skills in your children through activities such as Fireflies Presents!

Once Upon a Time: Storytelling Best Practices

Learn how to choose the best books for read aloud and create your own family storytelling legacy.  Become the master storyteller in your family – or better yet, train your children to create their own unique stories.   It’s easy – we’ll show you how!

Beginning Reading Skills:  Best Practices

Parents will be introduced to the beginning reading process in an innovative way allowing them to understand what a child goes through as they move from letters to sounds to putting it all together.   The importance of read aloud and beginning communication skills will also be covered.

Provided through joint effort between KSi and SBACS.

For more information, please contact: Deni Corbett  EMAIL

SBACS: PO Box 1204  Windermere, FL  34786     407.808.9100

Deni and Mary are both graduates of SCORRE.