I am an Author: Apples!


I love the way our senses can instantly transport us back to some of our most precious memories. Each year, as soon as summer fades into fall, I pull out my favorite scented candle. I love the crisp smell of apples and spice that embrace our home. It means cooler weather is coming — a much-needed relief living here in the south! It means holidays are approaching, memories will be made, our families will gather, and the blessings of the season will be cherished. It’s one of my favorite scents because to me it represents home and comfort.

Apples are a delight for our senses! I hope that you have been enjoying this month’s apple theme. I encourage you to take the time with your little one to really explore the sensory experience of an apple and allow it to invite you into a story.

Why not enjoy an apple snack to inspire your creativity? Encourage your child to notice the color of the apple, the crunch of each bite, the sweet and tangy taste… Maybe you will feel inspired to create a poem about apples?

I Love Apples!

Apples feel _____.
Apples smell _____.
Apples taste _____.
Apples sound _____.
Apples look _____.

I Love Apples!

I have created a FREE Apple Book template with instructions. I’ve kept it super simple — I promise!

Have fun making this little book with your child!  Fill the pages with their I Love Apples! poem and apple painting [Kevin’ts post here].  Then place it in that special place in your home – you know, the one where you keep all of the books your young authors write and publish!

You can download your FREE Apple Book instructions and template HERE.   TpT requires you to join before making a purchase. Don’t worry — it’s free and as easy as can be to sign up! The resources provided will be well worth your time! Click HERE to sign up!



Jocelyn Bartle