A Perfect Wintry PA Day

Theme #6 is WINTER FUN in the SNOW and our book prompt is A Perfect Day by Carin Berger.  See review here.

The children’s book A Perfect Day by Carin Berger provides those of us who grew up a half century ago in small steel towns northwest of Pittsburgh with wondrous flashbacks to what we would call perfect PA wintry days. My siblings and I understand the fun she describes of making first boot tracks in deep, newly fallen snow that covered our double lot property. We know about flopping into snow drifts – the deeper the better. We three brothers certainly know about building snow forts and firing snow balls down on neighbors named Suskavich and Conley. With our sister we built snowmen, carrot noses and twig hair included, and created snow angels until we ran out of untouched yard. Our family didn’t do the skiing or ice skating about which Berger writes, but we can check off every other form of glorious winter fun she illustrates.

For the “rest of the story”, listen to Gil’s podcast below.

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Gil Moegerle

Paper Routes & Jelly Doughnuts

Heritage2Legacy Podcast #4


Gil Moegerle

Book Prompt 4 of 10
Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenkins [Review]

Theme:  First Jobs

“Paper Routes and Jelly Doughnuts”

Dad always held two jobs during my childhood.  He worked hard and served well. He was a leading salesman at Liberty Baking Company that provided door-to-door retail bakery products back in the day and later at the Taylor Dairy that provided the same service for dairy products. On his days off he sold door-to-door, the products of Tom Bradshaw’s small downtown bakery – Oram’s Donuts.


I learned my first lessons in what was to become my profession – marketing and communications – listening to him interact with his customers. Dad never studied the PR theory, “Communicate the customer experience of the product more than product facts.” He never heard “Sell the sizzle not the steak.” yet how many times I heard dad say, “How about some warm, fresh-baked donuts today?   Listen to the rest of Gil’s H2L story here.

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Join us on the journey to archive family stories for our children and/or grandchildren.   For this example,  begin by simply answering the question –  What was your first job?  Now write down some facts about that job – How did you get the job?  Did you enjoy it?  Do you remember something interesting/funny/scary that happened on the job?  Don’t worry about the finished published look of your story – we’ll get to that later.  Right now, simply write or record one simple memory – a moment.  You can do it!

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To Everything a Season

Whether it means chasing fireflies on a summer evening, enjoying a fire in the fireplace, or sharing the porch swing and small talk with your grandparent, each of us has a vision of home.  Memories are what create our definition of home and those memories are what we desire to identify and preserve for the next generation.

Join us at FirefliesBlog.com as we help you to capture 10 moments from your past, each prompted with the help of delightful children’s books…we call it a Chasing Fireflies’ Heritage 2 Legacy Moment.

9781596432161Book Prompt 2 of 10

Applesauce Season by Eden Ross Upson
Mary Byrne Kline shares her memory in her recent post Crabtree Catastrophe [Love, Button] Published September 14, 2016

The Legacy Moment Podcast #2
“To Everything a Season”


Gil Moegerle

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania my brothers, sister and I never needed a calendar to tell us summer had given way to fall. There was the start of the football season, everyone’s favorite sport. For the athletically challenged Moegerle boys fall meant the start of marching band practice.

Copper pot

Our family copper apple-butter-making pot. Photo courtesy of cousin Rebecca Jones, keeper of family legacies.

Then came our family’s annual apple pageant.  Some of us had the picking duties – gathering the fruit of granddad’s large backyard trees.  Another team of cousins, uncles and aunts peeled and cored.  Still another team mixed and cooked the apple sections along with wonderful seasonings in a huge kettle in granddad’s basement. I do not hear the product of this effort discussed much these days – apple butter.  (listen to full podcast)

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Dear Parent and/or Grandparent,

Now it’s your turn. Tell a story about a memory – one moment – that centers around an apple tree, picking apples, or something made from apples.  Don’t worry about the finished look – we’ll get to that later.  Right now, just write or record one simple memory that begins with an apple.  You can do it!

Keep collecting your moments.

Deni Corbett

StoryTime: Blueberries for Sal

Welcome to our podcast series, Fireflies’ GLOW.

Enjoy Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

Along with sharing great stories, one of our goals is to get you and your little ones from the front door of your home to the grocery store while we entertain the kids.  Just subscribe to our GLOW podcasts and listen to them in the car!  We know that sometimes you just need a trick up your sleeve to keep the peace in the car.  What better “trick” than story-time?

So in the future, you can expect GLOW episodes that are 15 – 20 minutes of great storytelling from someone on the Fireflies’ team, or a special guest storyteller.  (I hope grocery store is close!)


Please enjoy our first episode of GLOW, where Mary Kline shares one of her favorite books, Blueberries for Sal.  Soon we will be dedicating episodes to some of our little GLOW listeners.  A future Fireflies Blog post will share the details of how to submit names for dedications.

From the Blueberry Council
Activity sheets and kid-friendly blueberry recipes.

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Deni Corbett

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