…a basketball player.

Authors:  Deloris and Roslyn Jordan
Illustrator:  Kadir Nelson

When I grow up, I want to be a basketball player.

This is the perfect book to purchase for a young child who longs to play basketball but feels inadequate in some way.   I’ve already purchased three…   Read the review below and view the video to fully experience Salt in His Shoes.

Depending on the age of the child to whom you are reading this special book, the first question you will be asked when you turn the last page will be:  “But WHY did she put salt in his shoes????”

The answer comes from his mother, author Deloris Jordan: “Mom, I really REALLY want to be tall” Micheal would beg.  “Go put salt in your shoes and pray,” she would tell him.  “He would tell me I was being silly, but I had to pacify him so I could finish dinner,” she said with a laugh.  “Then his dad would walk in and he’d tell him he wanted to be tall.  We’d say, ‘You have it in your heart.  The tallness is within you.  You can be as tall as you want to be in your thinking.’ 

Publishers Weekly Review

The mere mention of the name conjures up visions of basketball played at its absolute best. But as a child, Michael almost gave up on his hoop dreams, all because he feared he’d never grow tall enough to play the game that would one day make him famous. That’s when his mother and father stepped in and shared the invaluable lesson of what really goes into the making of a champion — patience, determination, and hard work.

Deloris Jordan, mother of the basketball phenomenon, teams up with his sister Roslyn to tell this heartwarming and inspirational story that only the members of the Jordan family could tell. It’s a tale about faith and hope and how any family working together can help a child make his or her dreams come true.

YouTube video  Tyler.Shawn Dunaway

When I grow up…

What did you want to be when you grew up?  Did you actually become a policeman, geologist, fireman, teacher, mom, or astronaut?  This month’s book list is all about childhood dreams and becoming adults who continue to grow and dream.    We are excited to bring you some new finds we know will become favorites in your home and/or classroom.

Some of my favorite books as a child were from the Childhood of Great American series.  I can still see the orange covers with black silhouettes, lined side by side in my classroom bookcase.  As I read through the entire series from left to right, I came to believe that if the children in those books could grow up to impact the world in their own unique way, then maybe so could I.

Read biographies to your children to show how those who work hard can do remarkable things.  Feel free to download the list below and take it with you as you visit your local library.  And don’t forget to  check in with us often here at FirefliesBlog as we review several of our absolute favorites this month.

One more thing… look what I recently found yesterday in an antique bookstore – one of my “one friends”.  I can’t wait to share it with my littles.

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