Mary Kline, Co-founder

Book Reviews & Childhood Reflections

A master teacher with over 35 years of teaching experience, Mary shares personal reflections as a wife, mother, grandmother, and storyteller.  Her real name is Mary Byrne Kline, but she loves her Grandma title, “Button” the most!   Mary is the person responsible for our Chasing Fireflies’ book reviews; the foundation of The Fireflies Blog and the inspiration for our monthly themes.

Rachel Skavril

Cooking with Kids

Paint it – Make it

We believe that cooking with children is one of the easiest ways to teach & reinforce social, emotional and academic skills.   Each month Rachel creates & shares kitchen adventures for parents and their children.   Her activity posts are monthly favorites with our Fireflies’ readers.  Along with her “Kids in the Kitchen” posts, Rachel designs activities and crafts related to our monthly theme.  Oh, and Rachel is also a master sugar artist.  You can visit her website HERE.

Amanda Hampton


Children must be trained to have thankful hearts and parents are the best gratitude role models.    Each month, Amanda and her family lead us on an adventure of gratitude as they identify areas of thankfulness and then show how we can “act” on our heart of gratitude.

Kevin Bartle

Masterpiece Conversations

Kevin Bartle loves looking at things from a unique perspective, a different angle, and a deeper view. Kevin is excited to guide the Fireflies Blog followers in a closer exploration of great works of art — hopefully inspiring some of their very own! Kevin’s heart for learning is put to use weekly teaching art to elementary age students at a Christian school. Kevin also serves as the youth pastor for his home church. Kevin is currently enrolled in seminary pursuing a Master of Divinity degree.

“The art I create is not amazing. It is not profound or in danger of being labeled a masterpiece. However, there is a quality that makes it special… It’s mine. Others may not ‘see it’ or agree, but my art comes from my heart and mind and therefore means a great deal to me. I hope to be able to teach each and every student it is not as important how others see your accomplishments, but how we see our own.”