What is your…

Story, Wooden peg and colorful words

Every family has its most cherished stories.

      • that account of how mom and dad met.
      • the early dreams they had for their children.
      • favorite stories of family traditions, holidays, childhood pets, homes, epic reunions.
      • differing versions of who did the most chores; you or your siblings.
      • how & when great grandparents came to America.
      • how life has changed since grandma and grandpa were young.
      • what the family believes is most important about life.

Losing a member of the older generation reminds us how important heritage stories are to our family identity.  Someone will say, “I wish I could ask grandpa about how he became a….”  That is where our Chasing Fireflies project, Heritage2Legacy comes in. We want to help ensure that you and generations to come can relive major family events, funny and serious, as well as the simple moments that connect you as family and define your family culture.

We are calling these new tools Heritage-2-Legacy because stories are a way to influence future generations. Storytelling helps take the family heritage given to you, or which you begin, and pushes that heritage forward toward legacy.

We wanted to help make it easier for your family to create and preserve these favorite stories. Examples of our new Heritage2Legacy resources include a theme, a featured book prompt, and an example of a print and audio memory based on the theme and/or book.

Join us and we will help you get started on an amazing legacy gift for the little ones in your family.

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Home library, favorite book as a child, someone who read to you

Featured Book   Library Lion
Book Checklist
Take this checklist to the library and gather several books that celebrate our theme.  If Library Lion doesn’t inspire you, perhaps there is a book on this list that will prompt a memory that you can perserve for your children and/or grandchildren.   Join our Chasing Fireflies Legacy Project.  How?  By writing down, or recording one simple moment (memory) at a time.   Subscribe to our blog and join our family legacy journey!
Mary Kline’s H2L post: My “Leeola’s” Lovely Lesson
Launching our first of ten storytelling prompts.  Mary Byrne Kline begins with a story from her past – one that involves a library, a disobedience, and a kind librarian.  

Gil’s Heritage2Legacy Podcast: A Magical Basement
Gil Moegerle shares his moment, his memory, about a grandfather and his magical basement.








Theme:  FALL
Share one of the Five Senses of Fall:
Apples, picking apples, making apple pies – applesauce – apple butter!
Describe the sights, sounds, and smells of fall – especially if there is an apple scent involved!

Featured Book    Applesauce Season
Book Checklist  (a checklist to take to the library)

Mary Kline’s H2L post:  Crabapple Catastrophe
Gil Moegerle’s H2L podcast:  To Everything a Season








Do you remember inviting someone special to Thanksgiving dinner?
Or, perhaps there is a special home where the family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner each year.
If so, write about it and include a picture if possible.

Featured Book   Cranberry Thanksgiving

Mary Kline’s H2L post: Giblets and Sugar Cubes 
Gil’s Heritage2Legacy Podcast:  Please Pass the Stuffing








Theme:  My First Job
What was your first job?   How did you get it?   
Do you remember a specific memory about something that happened?
If so, write about it and include a picture when possible.

Featured Book   Lemonade in Winter

Mary Kline’s H2L post: Double Dip Dillys
Gil’s Heritage2Legacy Podcast:  Paper Routes & Jelly Doughnuts


Humphrey First Christmas






Christmas is so full of stories – of memories – we are not focusing on just one aspects…we’ll leave you to choose.  But just choose one and tell it in detail.  Did you have a tradition before opening gifts?

Featured Book   Humphrey’s First Christmas
Christmas Booklist (a checklist to take to the library)
Christmas Booklist  with descriptions from Amazon.com

Mary Byrne Kline’s H2L post: Our Christmas Photo
Gil Moegerle’s Heritage2Legacy Podcast:
Christmas Trains, Torments, & Treasures







What is a memory you have that involves playing in the snow?  For those of you
who live in the south, perhaps you could describe the first time you saw snow.
If you have never seen snow – this is the year to create a new memory and write about it!

Featured Book:  A Perfect Day 
Winter Booklist (a checklist to take to the library)
Winter Booklist with descriptions from Amazon.com

Mary Byrne Kline’s print H2L exampleDaddy’s Ice Skating Rink
Gil Moegerle’s Heritage2Legacy Podcast:  A Perfect Wintry PA Day







Theme:  PETS
Did you grow up in a home with a pet?   Do you remember getting your first pet?  Favorite pet?  cat? dog? horse?    This month think of a story that you can share that centers on a favorite animal – a pet.

Featured Book  
The Velveteen Rabbit
by Margery Williams

Mary Kline’s H2L post:
Gil Moegerle’s Heritage2Legacy Podcast:
Childhood Pets and Family Peccadillos








Featured Book  
Casey at the Bat
by Ernest L. Thayer 

Gil Moegerle’s Heritage2Legacy Podcast:  It’s Spring – Play Ball!








Featured Book  
A Nest is Noisy
 by Diana Hutts Aston
Birds & Feathers Booklist (a checklist to take to the library)

Mary Byrne Kline’s print H2L example: Slightly Bird-Brained
based on Trumpet of the Swan by E.B.White (coming)