I love FALL!

 Pumpkins, Scare Crows, Apple Cider, Candy Corn … and the list can go on and on.

This new little song list all of the Ries family’s favorite things about this season. Don’t be surprised if you get a request for a mug of hot apple cider after learning this one. Take time to point out to your sweet little ones that all these things are fun …  and that God loves it when we have fun.


Hayrides and pumpkin patches


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Let All That Has Breath …

Music … it is such a wonderful addition to our world.

Did you know that it actually helps our children develop in something known as musical intelligence?  It gives them a sensitivity to rhythm, pitch, timbre, melody and patterns.   This is so important in learning how to read and develop fluency as readers. (not to mention that music and math often go hand in hand)


For this month’s song, I went to two of my favorite poets from the Bible.  King David and the Prophet Jeremiah were known for their writings and many were set to music.   I encourage you to go on a “treasure hunt” with your kids to Psalm 113, Psalm 16 and Lamentations 3 and see if you can find the lyrics of this song.

In our family, we have found over the years that putting scripture to music has been a wonderful way for our kids to memorize God’s word.

Let All That Has Breath …

Joy Joy Joy!


(Click on link below for the Youtube video!)

Joy Joy Joy!

Christmastime is here … and usually that means that Christmas music begins to play the day after Thanksgiving at the Ries house.  There is just something wonderful about Christmas music that stirs up memories for all of us.

The word that comes to mind for me is JOY.

It takes me back to memories of watching my sweet children sing with great gusto “Away in a Manger” while rocking an imaginary baby (my girls ~ ever so gently … my son ~ well, you get the picture)!

It’s the memory of snuggling up on the couch and watching Merry Christmas Charlie Brown and Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It’s taking almond pastries to our neighbors and caroling at their door.  All of this brings this mommy’s heart such JOY!

So sing … dance … make music with your family this Christmas.  I know that brings GREAT JOY to God’s heart.

JoyJoyJoy Lyrics (sheet music coming soon)

My Treasure …


Today … I am thankful.  Thankful for hugs and kisses.  Thankful that God fulfilled my lifelong dream of being a mommy.  Thankful that all of my children are still alive. Thankful that I have the opportunity everyday to tell them that I love them and that they are treasures to my heart.

~ Do your children know how thankful you are for them?~
~ Do they know that they are your greatest treasure? ~
~ Do they know you will love them ALWAYS? ~

The amazing thing that I have learned as a mom is that even when I forget to let them know those things ~ they often remind me how thankful they are for me and how much they love me.  Let’s purpose together to not miss any moments to be thankful for the gift we have of each other.  I pray that this song will be a blessing to your heart and that your treasures will remember that you will love them …ALWAYS.


My Treasure

Jodi Ries