…a farmer.

Author & Illustrator:  Mark Ludy

When I grow up, I want to be a farmer.

My Farm-Future
My son has recently purchased a farm along with his 2nd dad (his father-in-law) .   He loves open land; he loves his farm.  I’m falling in love with this farm as well as I will reside in the small farmhouse on this property someday.   There is just something about making a 360, and knowing that the land is now your home; the trees, the pond, and the animals hiding from view.   Also, you realize that all of the memories of those before you will now be woven into the memories that you will create on this land.  In this case, our new memories will be woven together with the ancestors of Daniel Boone and others on this 200-year-old farmland.

My Farm-Past
As I child, I remember spending the night on one of my best friend’s farm, and I loved every minute of it.   It was always a treat to be invited to spend time at the Edward’s farm.   I remember the smells, the “fresh country goodness”.  I remember the animals some of which seemed to have become a part of the family.  Then there was the food – the best food ever including the freshest milk if I remember correctly!  Perhaps I am romanticizing my time with Karen on her family’s farm.   I know the work was incredible hard and I’m sure there were struggles, but my memories of this farm are of love, laughter and joy…. of family.  I’m so thankful that the Edwards farm holds a special place in my childhood memories.

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Deni Corbett

Publishers Weekly Review
A jolly farmer faces both the bounty and wrath of nature–and prays to God in good times and bad–in this picture book about faith and perseverance. A rotund farmer with a fluffy white beard works hard tending his animals and crops, only to have his endeavors wiped out first by a tornado, then by a devastating fire set by neighbor boys. He patiently rebuilds each time, appreciating even the smallest signs of growth and recovery. And even in his hardship, the farmer does not forget the ill-behaved neighbors in their time of need. Ludy embodies his farmer with the traits of such biblical figures as Job and Noah while emphasizing prayer as a constant in the farmer’s life.

“…and as he does every night he kneels into two worn grooves in the floor and lifts his heart in prayer.

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