Snow Dance

Author:  Lezlie Evans
Illustrator:  Cynthia Jabar

How do I find a great book?  Oh so many ways…  Usually I walk into an out-of-the-way independent bookstore or gift shop with children’s books, head the children’s section and park there for awhile anticipating that I will meet a new friend; a treasure.  But sometimes I read a short review about a book, take a chance and simply order it with fingers crossed.  Snow Dance by Lezlie Evans was ordered with crossed fingers and arrived today.

First of all, it’s a perfect fit for our theme – All Things Snow.  It is all a wonderful fit for those of you who are following us on Heritage 2 Legacy.  I don’t know who recommended Snow Dance to me, but I’m so glad I took a chance and ordered it for my home library.  If interested, you will probably have to purchase it used  – but it is worth it.

The author’s uses a melodic verse to celebrate winter and specifically, snow. Evan’s rhyming words will get your heart pumping and your feet jumping…”Skipping, prancing happy dancing hoping snow will come our way, We are whirling swirling, twirling begging flakes to come and stay.” perfectly capture the joy of a day spent outside in the snow.  Do you have those memories?

My children were both born in Florida, but my childhood memories are from the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania.   It was very important to me to have my son and daughter be able to understand what it means to enjoy a day of “snow dancing”.

  • Snow day – cancelled school!
  • building forts
  • tracks in fresh snow
  • the smell of new snow
  • snow ladened branches
  • snow angels
  • sledding
  • snow ball battles (not my favorite as I had 3 older brothers who dominated at this activity)
  • snow in boots and mittens
  • frozen noses (didn’t care)
  • coming home wet and cold to the smell of a fire in the fireplace
  • hot chocolate waiting on the stove
  • peeling off hats, coats, and gloves
  • the sizzling sound of snow crusted gloves being put on the radiator (I’m ancient)

I hope some of these bullet points stirred memories for you – maybe as recently as this past week only with your children or grandchildren.  Through watercolor, Cynthia Jabar playfully portrays the anticipation of snow as well as the fun the snow brings as the children

As the forecast predicts snow, the children sing and dance in hopes it will come. For with snow brings fun and excitement, and a chance for no school! Through watercolor Cynthia Jabar successfully portrays the story.  You feel the children’s joy as snow is forecasted and school is cancelled.  You see the delight the snow brings as the children sled ride, make snow angels, and then return to the warmth of their own home.

It’s simply the perfect book to read-aloud to one special child or a group of eager story-time listeners.


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