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Christmas Tree Book List & Activities

Welcome to December and The Fireflies Blog!   We hope you enjoy each and every day of this special month as we deck the halls and curl up with great children’s books.   Our theme this month centers on the Christmas tree.   If you are following us on Heritage2Legacy, we will be asking you to think about a memory focused on your family tree.   Are you one of our FirefliesROCK painters???  You guessed it!  We’ll be painting a Christmas tree.   Who will you be giving your rock too?  Or maybe you will keep it as a Christmas ’17 treasure…perhaps starting a new tradition!

We can’t wait to introduce you to a couple new Christmas tree books this month – we will share discovered-delights along with old-favorites!

Below you will find the Fireflies” book list to download.

Merry Christmas with deep appreciation!
Deni, Gil, Mary, Rachel & Debbie



Download – take to the library – ENJOY!

PINTEREST Christmas Tree activities