Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies:  Bite-Size Holiday Lessons by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is the perfect seasonal book offering a fresh batch of words that encompasses everything you might say to a child.  Cookie-centric definitions range from “offering the very first cookie to your grandmother” (respect),  to “you asked me to put away the cookie cutters, and you can count on me to do it” (responsible).

I especially like those two definitions with all the cookie baking I do with my grandchildren during the holidays. Sugar cookies are their favorites and my kitchen counters are an array of children on tiptoe and chairs with flour everywhere, sprinkles of every color in abundance,  and of course, frosting! oh goodness! I’m not sure if there’s more frosting on the cookies or on little noses, but the laughter and squeals of hilarity as snowmen, angels, bells, and and snowflakes get decorated. We will never win a decorating contest, but I tell my flour speckled, frosting smeared grandchildren, “that there is nowhere in the universe I’d rather be than here in my kitchen, baking sugar cookies with you,” (cherish).

If you are joining us on our H2L adventure, and have a favorite cookie recipe that has been handed down to you through the years, consider writing it out along with the story that goes along with it, attach it to the back of this book, wrap it up and present it to a young loved one.

Heritage 2 Legacy:  Taking your family heritage and pushing it forward into legacy.

Pre-school – 3rd grade . This charming picture book offers a glossary of terms defined in child-friendly ways and related to the theme of Christmas cookies: “FRUSTRATED means, I can’t believe we burned them again / PERSEVERANCE means, We tried and tried and tried, and finally we made the perfect non-burned batch,” and “HOPE means, I’m filled with good feelings about what will be.” Rather than following one child throughout the book, the delightful ink-and-watercolor illustrations depict a variety of children and dressed animals with a bit of carryover of characters from one picture to the next. A sugar-cookie recipe is appended to this wholesome Christmas offering.   Booklist

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