The hurricane is over but the clean up continues at our house (Orlando, FL).

While taking a break from picking up tree limbs and pieces of the house which have been scattered about the yard, I decided to go through the stacks of books scattered about the house.  Actually, I was looking for any excuse to abandon my outside duties!   Somewhere in book stack #11, I came across this book and thought I would introduce it to those of you who don’t know about HURRICANE by David Wiesner.

In this book, two brothers share experiences that go along with a hurricane – all which will be appreciated by any child whose home was in the path of Irma.   The story is a safe re-creation of the storm and a gentle tool for talking through fears associated with experiencing a hurricane.

As they awaken the next morning, they realize the damage that has been done by the hurricane.  “The next morning only one elm tree was standing near the corner of the yard.  The day before there had been two.  The downed tree was lying across the neighbor’s lawn.”

To these brothers, the fallen tree looks like a jungle as it lay on its side.  As they begin climbing through their beloved tree, it goes from a jungle to a fierce pirate ship and then spaceship.   They grow to love this fallen tree even more as it launches their imaginative adventures.  However, one day they hear chainsaws and see that men are cutting up their new imagination playground…

If you are following us on Heritage2Legacy and want to preserve the memories your family created as you lived through Hurricane Irma, this would be a wonderful book to purchase as one of your H2L Christmas memory books.

You can purchase it here.

By clicking on this link and ordering the book, you are supporting Liz’s Legacy.  (I think we get $1 for every 5 books ordered…;0 but every little bit helps.   Whatever you order on Amazon, if you go through this link, the proceeds will go to Liz’s Legacy and there is no additional cost to you.    Thank you!


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