Little Humans

Little Humans

by Brandon Staton

I found this book working on our upcoming Comm Kids Friendship unit and thought I’d share it.  Perhaps you are already familiar with Brandon Stanton’s wildly popular Humans of New York blog and/or book.   Stanton is a street photographer and storyteller; two skills I am trying to develop.   I find myself seeking out those who are gifted in these areas – and Brandon Stanton is gifted indeed.

For Little Humans he combined some of his favorite children’s photos with a “heartwarming ode to little humans everywhere”. (School Library Journal)

Little humans are helpful and playful, friendly and loving, flexible and resourceful.

They love their brothers and sisters, their moms and dads, and their friends.

Little humans are growing each day. They won’t be little for long. Soon they will be… BIG!

I’m not sure about “heartwarming”…

Stanton’s photographs of children on the streets of New York present a diverse group: boys and girls of different races, religions, and abilities.    I’m thinking the text will not win any awards, but this photo album of humanity is an example of the best of visual communication – an excellent tool to teach how an image can tell a complete story.

Check it out at your local library!

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