Poem: The Turtle

Poetry is so important for language development because of the “music” of the words as well as the rhythm and rhyme of the word combinations used in the poem.   This simple poem is a prime example.  I encourage you to print out a copy of The Turtle and enjoy it together with your child(ren).

By the way – do you know anyone who has a pet turtle?  I do!

The Turtle

Jack Prelutsky

The turtle’s always been inclined
to live within his shell.
But why he cares to be confined,
the turtle does not tell.

The turtle’s always satisfied
to slowly creep and crawl,
and never wanders far outside
his living room or hall.

So if you wish to visit him
in his domestic dome,
just knock politely on his shell,
you’ll find the turtle home.

to download this free “T is for Turtle” coloring sheet & poem.

Looking for a classic book about a snapping turtle?

Minn of the Mississippi 
Author:  Holling C. Holling

The journey of Minn, a snapping turtle, is followed from northern Minnesota to the bayous of Louisiana. The turtle’s adventures with people, animals, and the changing seasons are vividly described, and bring the river’s history to life. Wonderful drawings and maps accompany the story.  A Newbery honor book.

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