A Perfect Wintry PA Day

Theme #6 is WINTER FUN in the SNOW and our book prompt is A Perfect Day by Carin Berger.  See review here.

The children’s book A Perfect Day by Carin Berger provides those of us who grew up a half century ago in small steel towns northwest of Pittsburgh with wondrous flashbacks to what we would call perfect PA wintry days. My siblings and I understand the fun she describes of making first boot tracks in deep, newly fallen snow that covered our double lot property. We know about flopping into snow drifts – the deeper the better. We three brothers certainly know about building snow forts and firing snow balls down on neighbors named Suskavich and Conley. With our sister we built snowmen, carrot noses and twig hair included, and created snow angels until we ran out of untouched yard. Our family didn’t do the skiing or ice skating about which Berger writes, but we can check off every other form of glorious winter fun she illustrates.

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