A Perfect Day

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The perfect day is a snow day, and Berger, with very special art, portrays it as perfect indeed. Using a delicate collage made from old paper ephemera—catalogs, notebooks, letters, and newspaper and book pages—the look is distinctive. As for the story, well, it’s more of a mood. A group of children, almost puppet like in appearance, run through the snow: Emma is the first to make tracks, Leo skies, Sasha and Max throw snowballs at Oscar. Snowmen are made; snow forts are built. Frozen ice is ready for skating. Then all the children make angels in the snow. Throughout, the focal point is the hilly whiteness. Kids, and even a towering snowman, decorate rather than become the center of attention. Only the double-page spread of 18 diminutive children waving arms and legs into angels is enough to blank out the snow. Readers will love looking at the pictures again and again; there will always be something new to notice—including the faint writing on the snow.

A note from Deni

If you have ever spent a day playing in the snow, the pictures in A Perfect Day will remind you of the wonder of that day.   From footprints to lines made from skis and skates; to snowmen, snow forts and sleds – all the fun in winter snow is depicted between the pages of this book, and it is delightful.  It’s one of those books where you will find yourself reading the pictures [aka visual communication] with your children – my favorite!

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We suggest you use A Perfect Day, or any other book in our Winter Booklist, to prompt a winter fun memory from your childhood.   Mary and Gil will be sharing one from their past to help get you started!  You probably don’t want to hear this, but why not get a head start on an amazing Christmas gift 2017 for your children and/or grandchildren?   Here is H2L #1 for 2017 – a simple story about a winter fun memory.  You can do it!


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