Introducing: Heritage 2 Legacy


Every family has its most cherished stories. There is that account of how mom and dad met. The early dreams for their children. Favorite stories of family traditions, holidays, childhood pets, homes, epic reunions. Differing versions of who did the most chores, you or your siblings. How the great grandparents came to America. How life has changed since grandma and grandpa were young. What the family believes is most important about life.


Choose a book to support the theme for your memory, your moment. We will share with you some of our favorites.


Write down your own story. You do not need to be a master storyteller. Just write down your moment and share it after reading the book. Attach your story to the back of the book. Consider also recording your story. Your voice telling your story will be an incredible treasure in years to come.


Wrap and write a note on the provided themed labels. Give as gifts at Christmas, or birthdays, or on a “I love you” Thursday…

Listen as Gil & Deni discuss the latest resource from  They call it Heritage 2 Legacy.

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Gil & Deni

Gil and Deni

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