Heritage2Legacy Podcast 3

Heritage2Legacy Podcast #3


Gil Moegerle

Book Prompt 3 of 10
Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende & Harry Devlin  [Review]

Theme:  Thanksgiving memories & traditions.
“Do you remember a time when a special guest was invited to Thanksgiving dinner?”


For most of us, Thanksgiving is one of those special family legacy moments. And planning our next Thanksgiving is another example of how we all try to take the family heritage given us and try every year to push it forward toward family legacy. Our new Heritage2Legacy project provides you with ideas for capturing and preserving for generations to come these special family moments. Listen as Gil Moegerle attempts to capture for his grandchildren his childhood Thanksgiving.

“Please Pass the Stuffing”


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Now it’s your turn.  Can you think of a simple memory from your childhood that is centered around Thanksgiving; perhaps a Thanksgiving tradition?  Don’t worry about the finished published look of your story – we’ll get to that later.  Right now, simply write or record one simple memory – a moment.  You can do it!

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[Posted November 17, 2016]


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