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Paper Routes & Jelly Doughnuts

Heritage2Legacy Podcast #4


Gil Moegerle

Book Prompt 4 of 10
Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenkins [Review]

Theme:  First Jobs

“Paper Routes and Jelly Doughnuts”

Dad always held two jobs during my childhood.  He worked hard and served well. He was a leading salesman at Liberty Baking Company that provided door-to-door retail bakery products back in the day and later at the Taylor Dairy that provided the same service for dairy products. On his days off he sold door-to-door, the products of Tom Bradshaw’s small downtown bakery – Oram’s Donuts.


I learned my first lessons in what was to become my profession – marketing and communications – listening to him interact with his customers. Dad never studied the PR theory, “Communicate the customer experience of the product more than product facts.” He never heard “Sell the sizzle not the steak.” yet how many times I heard dad say, “How about some warm, fresh-baked donuts today?   Listen to the rest of Gil’s H2L story here.

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Join us on the journey to archive family stories for our children and/or grandchildren.   For this example,  begin by simply answering the question –  What was your first job?  Now write down some facts about that job – How did you get the job?  Did you enjoy it?  Do you remember something interesting/funny/scary that happened on the job?  Don’t worry about the finished published look of your story – we’ll get to that later.  Right now, simply write or record one simple memory – a moment.  You can do it!

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Lemonade in Winter

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Introducing Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenkins, illus. by G. Brian Karas,
our 4th Heritage2Legacy book prompt.

Here’s your next memory assignment:  Think about your first job; how you got it – and perhaps a specific memory related to your first job.  I discovered Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenkins to use as our prompt.   Is there anything more American than a lemonade stand?   If you were fortunate enough to remember setting up your own neighborhood stand as a child, then you also remember the thrill of earning your first quarters as a child entrepreneur.   Check this book out of your library, or purchase it and give it as a gift to your child/grandchild, along with your own story about your first real job.

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Pauline and her little brother, John-John, are convinced that a stand selling “Lemonade and limeade—and also lemon-limeade!” will go over big, even in the middle of a bitter winter. Mom and Dad think not. But their sheer chutzpah and salesmanship (“Lemon lemon LIME, lemon LEMONADE!/ All that it will cost ya? Fifty cents a cup!”) eventually earn the duo… well, maybe not a profit, but enough for two Popsicles. The book’s clinical subtitle is a major understatement: Jenkins and Karas have created a book that’s richly rewarding in many ways. Yes, there are some lightly proffered money-counting lessons, but this is also a beautifully restrained tribute to trust and tenderness shared by siblings; an entrepreneurship how-to that celebrates the thrill of the marketplace without shying away from its cold realities; and a parable about persistence. Moreover, it’s visually gorgeous: Karas employs an impressive repertoire of textures and a broad palette of grays and browns to convey both the icy chill and cozy interiors of winter. In real money terms, this one’s an amazing bargain.   Publisher’s Weekly


Coming:  a print and audio example of how Mary Byrne Kline and Gil Moegerle responded to our 4th H2L prompt.

Fireflies GLOW


It’s Storytime again!

Enjoy Cranberry Thanksgiving with Fireflies own Mary Byrne Kline.

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Heritage2Legacy Podcast 3

Heritage2Legacy Podcast #3


Gil Moegerle

Book Prompt 3 of 10
Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende & Harry Devlin  [Review]

Theme:  Thanksgiving memories & traditions.
“Do you remember a time when a special guest was invited to Thanksgiving dinner?”


For most of us, Thanksgiving is one of those special family legacy moments. And planning our next Thanksgiving is another example of how we all try to take the family heritage given us and try every year to push it forward toward family legacy. Our new Heritage2Legacy project provides you with ideas for capturing and preserving for generations to come these special family moments. Listen as Gil Moegerle attempts to capture for his grandchildren his childhood Thanksgiving.

“Please Pass the Stuffing”


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Now it’s your turn.  Can you think of a simple memory from your childhood that is centered around Thanksgiving; perhaps a Thanksgiving tradition?  Don’t worry about the finished published look of your story – we’ll get to that later.  Right now, simply write or record one simple memory – a moment.  You can do it!

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