Some Writer! The Story of E.B. White


Forgive me as I deviate from our fall-themed posts this month to share a not-to-be-missed book that just arrived at my front door.   I had forgotten that I had pre-ordered this gem.   (and what a gem it is!)   If are a lover on all things E. B. White (and who isn’t?) then you are going to want to order this book and I predict you WILL hug it when it arrives.


I’m going to turn this post over to NPR’s All Things Considered, where the author, Melissa Sweet discusses White’s creative process.   Before I let you go, here is a quote from White’s granddaughter, Martha White.   Displayed on the back cover of the book, I read this quote before even opening the book and somehow I just knew I would end up hugging this new book.

Like my grandfather, Melissa Sweet has somehow kept that childlike sense of wonder at the world and (thankfully) found an avenue to share it with the rest of us.  She is an observer, sometimes a collector, and she seems to work from a place of gratitude for the natural beauty that surrounds us…  Here, in these pages, you will find the grandfather I remember so well.. Now, thanks to Melissa Sweet, you can know him too.”   Martha White

Oh…. Sweet also introduces the manual typewriter to children.   Seriously – when did I become so ancient?  I had one of these!


New Biography Celebrates E.B. White,
Who Really Was ‘Some Writer!’

Some Writer! would be a fabulous teacher gift.  This book is brand new and was just made available this week.  Hopefully, your child’s teacher hasn’t heard about it yet, and you can surprise him/her with this delightful biography.

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