How to Make an Apple Pie

Author and Illustrator: Marjorie Priceman

I’ll never forget my shock as a young child visiting a farm for the first time and seeing a cow being milked. I had always thought that milk simply “came” from the grocery store, but from a cow – never! My questions while learning to bake with my mother were now endless: “Where do eggs come from? cinnamon? vanilla? brown sugar? Crisco?”  Simply being told that these items came from the store no longer satisfied me; I wanted to find out where all ingredients came from.  Baking from scratch meant someone had gone to an awful lot of work so that I could bake chocolate chip cookies or an apple pie.

The energetic little baker in our story finds that her market is closed and sets out on a whirlwind trip to gather the ingredients necessary to bake an apple pie. Readers of all ages will enjoy the colorful illustrations and easy narrative as she searches worldwide for what she seeks: cinnamon in Sri Lanka from the bark of the kurundu tree, the finest wheat for flour from the countryside in Italy and sugar from Jamaica.  I was delighted to see that she, too, milked a cow for the freshest of milk to churn into butter!

You’ll be given a recipe for pie crust and apple pie at the end of the story. I suggest you simply go to the grocery store, unless you too, really want to make a whirlwind trip around the world for your ingredients!

Mary Kline

 Check out How to Make an Apple Pie by watching the video below.

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