Growing Young Communicators



Why are poems so important to language development?

Poetry is music and movement.  It is rhythm and beats.  Children, young children, may not understand all the words and meanings inferred in a poem, but they will feel the movement of the words and be drawn into the language – which is what you want.  Poetry is the most kinesthetic of literature forms because it moves the reader.   Listening is a critical skill needed to become fluent readers and writers.   Poetry is an excellent tool to enhance listening skills.

Give your children a brain-challenge and help them grow a strong memory. Print the following poem out and memorize it together.  Recite it as you stir the homemade applesauce you are making.. Or just have your young communicator practice reading it (or saying it after you) with great expression and inflection.

“M-M-M, I love Apples!”

by Mary Byrne Kline

Apples, apples, apples,
Yellow, green, and red,
Crunchy and delicious,
Baked in pies or tarts or bread.

Apples, apples, apples,
But the tastiest by far,
Is mama’s cinnamon applesauce,
In plain old mason jars.


3 year old Ari recites our poem with some help from Mom.  Oh so adorable.  Listen to how he mimics Mom’s inflection.

Ava, Age 5  (Ari’s older sister!)

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