“What’s An Apple?”


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img_3195Once Upon A Story, invites you to explore apples with a new, ‘ripe off the shelf’ book called, What’s An Apple?, by Marilyn Singer.

Think of all the ways your little one has interacted with an apple.  Is it primarily related to eating?  All I remember about apples from when I was a little girl was making applesauce and apple pie at school (although, I may only remember the apple-eating activities because I love food – haha)! image1What’s An Apple? presses into imagination and enables your little one to explore all the different things you can do with apples – eat, toss, stack, peel, wash, roll, & much more!  By reading this story with your little ones, you give them opportunities to activate prior apple knowledge.

What’s An Apple? gives your little ones a chance to truly explore and interact with apples using all of their 5 senses…kinesthetically!

Before the story:    

  • Ask what he has done with apples before
  • Show her an apple and have her describe it using her 5 senses


During the story:

  • Discuss if he has ever used an apple in the same ways the boy and girl are using the apple
  • Discuss rhyming words (i.e. snuggle and juggle)


After the story:

  • Have your little one mimic one way the boy and girl used apples in the story
  • Have her think of another way she can use an apple that wasn’t described in the story.  I built a tower for my apple:
  • Or how do you like my APPLE SELFIE?! hehehe


What’s An Apple? will help your little one think outside the ‘crate’ when it comes to apples and build upon his prior knowledge by engaging in real-life experiences with apples!

*WANT MORE FUN?! Add some PHONICS to this apple story time! Each time your little one explores a new way with an apple, have them say the beginning letter sound for apple! ” /a/ /a/ /a/ APPLE!”

img_3236Also, discuss the formation of their face, mouth, and tongue when they say
A‘s letter sound /a/. Their cheeks stretch down, their mouth opens wide, their lips squeeze a little bit, and their tongue tightens up and stays inside their mouth ( sooo… did you you just make the /a/ sound and think about all of these motions? hehe)  You can even have them put their hands on their face to feel their cheeks move down as they say the /a/ sound or use a mirror for building more phonic understanding. I found lots of my kindergartener’s who were learning their sounds would confuse the vowel letter sounds A, E, and I… let’s help our little learners master their sounds confidently!

Click HERE to download an interactive “apple check list” your little one can use while she explores apples!

I would love to see what your little ones can do with an apple! Take a picture and tag #firefliesblog AND #mushmushreaders… can’t wait to see how imaginative they can be!



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