To Everything a Season

Whether it means chasing fireflies on a summer evening, enjoying a fire in the fireplace, or sharing the porch swing and small talk with your grandparent, each of us has a vision of home.  Memories are what create our definition of home and those memories are what we desire to identify and preserve for the next generation.

Join us at as we help you to capture 10 moments from your past, each prompted with the help of delightful children’s books…we call it a Chasing Fireflies’ Heritage 2 Legacy Moment.

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Applesauce Season by Eden Ross Upson
Mary Byrne Kline shares her memory in her recent post Crabtree Catastrophe [Love, Button] Published September 14, 2016

The Legacy Moment Podcast #2
“To Everything a Season”


Gil Moegerle

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania my brothers, sister and I never needed a calendar to tell us summer had given way to fall. There was the start of the football season, everyone’s favorite sport. For the athletically challenged Moegerle boys fall meant the start of marching band practice.

Copper pot

Our family copper apple-butter-making pot. Photo courtesy of cousin Rebecca Jones, keeper of family legacies.

Then came our family’s annual apple pageant.  Some of us had the picking duties – gathering the fruit of granddad’s large backyard trees.  Another team of cousins, uncles and aunts peeled and cored.  Still another team mixed and cooked the apple sections along with wonderful seasonings in a huge kettle in granddad’s basement. I do not hear the product of this effort discussed much these days – apple butter.  (listen to full podcast)

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Dear Parent and/or Grandparent,

Now it’s your turn. Tell a story about a memory – one moment – that centers around an apple tree, picking apples, or something made from apples.  Don’t worry about the finished look – we’ll get to that later.  Right now, just write or record one simple memory that begins with an apple.  You can do it!

Keep collecting your moments.

Deni Corbett

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