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Oh the joys of Fall!  Pumpkins, hay bales, the crisp, cool air and best of all, its APPLE season!  OK, I know that you can get apples year round but there’s an extra special crunch in the Honeycrisps these autumn months.  So like any good sugar artist, I’m going to take those delicious honeycrisp apples and douse them in sugary goodness!  Our family is pretty big on theme nights with catchy names and thus we named this event “The Fireflies and Fondant Flinger Fall Fondu Family Fun Night”!

First, we melted down some caramel:


We mixed in a couple of Tablespoons of water and stirred every minute or so until it was nice and smooth.  You could use a small saucepan if you like, however, in the spirit of “The Fireflies and Fondant Flinger Fondu Fall Family Fun Night”, we opted to use our fondu pot:


Next we cut up our apples.  Some we cut into wedges and for a few we tried to scoop out some little balls with a scooper:



Next we melted some chocolate flavored candy coating:


We prepared some fun toppings.  We used an assortment of cookies and cream sprinkles, crunched up chocolate and cream sandwich cookies, bits of crunched up toffee and some candy corn.


We gathered all our ingredients.


To keep the mess to a minimum, everyone used a sheet of wax paper as a placemat.


Though, I will warn you, there was plenty of mess regardless.



We found that the caramel didn’t like sticking as well to our cut apples.  What we did to remedy this (and to add even more layers of yumminess) was to dip the apple into the candy coating, let it set up and then dunk it back into the caramel.  You could also get fancy like my husband did with his zigzag caramel design.


Or create some other masterpieces like my little guy, Noah did:


Or you could use Levi’s approach, which was to basically just get as much chocolate and candy corn as humanly possible on the tiniest piece of apple.


Don’t forget to share photos of your Apple Fondue Family Fun!  We would love to see them!

Author: Rachel Skvaril
Sugar Artist


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