It’s “Applesauce Season”


FALL is coming – and we can’t wait!

For the next two months we will be celebrating the 5 senses of the coming season. What does FALL smell like to you?Burning leaves? Pumpkin spice? Apple doughnuts? Bonfires?

Our main book – the one that will launch our communication experiences  – is Applesauce Season.   If this book is a new find for you, you are in for a treat.

Some families make applesauce together – some do not.   Eden Ross Lipson, the author of Applesauce Season, suggests that a family’s legacy is richer when painted with memories of making applesauce together.  Do you agree?  Do you have any family memories that center around apples?


Narrated by the young grandson, Applesauce Season depicts three generations taking part in an annual family legacy tradition that includes a trip from the farmers’ market to the family kitchen to make applesauce.  Lipson, who was the children’s books editor of The New York Times from 1984 to 2005, embraces family traditions connecting one generation with the next in Applesauce Season.


On the last page, the grandson reflects….
“Apple pie is good, but I still like ­applesauce best. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I grow up.”   “Maybe not.”


We invite you to take this checklist with you to your local library and join us on this month’s literacy & communication adventures all centered around the senses of fall.

Download and print out this month’s:
September-October Booklist

Sept-Oct 2016J checklist

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