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Identifying, Publishing, Preserving family memories

Whether it means chasing fireflies on a summer evening, enjoying a fire in the fireplace, or sharing the porch swing and small talk with your grandparent, each of us has a vision of home.  Memories are what create our definition of home and those memories are what we desire to identify, publish, and preserve for the next generation.

Join us at FirefliesBlog.com as we help you to capture 12 moments from your past, each prompted with the help of 12 delightful children’s books…we call it the Chasing Fireflies’ Heritage2Legacy Project.

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Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen

Tell a story about your own local library or librarian, a favorite book, someone who read to you, anything having to do with books  – the printed word.

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The Heritage2Legacy Podcast 102
“The Magical Basement”


Gil Moegerle

My maternal grandfather, Wilbur Powell, had a magical basement, or so it seemed to me as a young boy. Here the smells of printer’s ink and machine grease meant a special kind of adventure was imminent.

Granddad was a printer by trade. His poorly lit, wooden-beamed basement held two huge printing presses. At least they seemed huge to my young eyes and small frame. The adventure was simply watching Pompey, as we called him, set type by hand, letter by letter. Then he carefully loaded the rack of words and spacers into the front of his big press. Next he picked up what looked like a paint roller and spread ink across the type – the sense of adventure was building.

Now it’s your turn.  Can you think of a simple memory from your childhood centered around a local library or librarian, a favorite book, someone who read to you, anything having to do with books?   Simply write it down or record it on your phone’s recorder.   Don’t worry about the finished look – we’ll get to that later.  Right now, just write or record one memory.  You can do it!





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