Library Lion LIT Trading Cards

If this is your first time hearing about our Chasing Fireflies’ Literature Trading Cards, here is the introductory post.  Next, check out Elizabeth’s first blog post [and collect your first set of cards – A Splash of Red].

Library Lion Lit Trading Cards


I take a lot of time to read through each book, study the illustrations and think about how children will remember the story. Whether it’s the type of artistic flare from the illustrations or the author’s content and characters, each trading card design brings out the essence of the literature book it’s based on. The result is a fusion between the joy of exploring children’s books with the excitement of sharing and trading collectable cards. There are many ways teachers, parents and homeschool groups can use literature trading cards.

Here are 3 ART ideas specifically for Library Lion:

1. The friendship between the lion and Miss Merriweather is very special. Have your students draw a picture of their fondest friend along with the friend’s name. They can use watercolored pencils or construction paper crayons to tie along with Kevin Hawkes’s artwork. Watercolor pencils do not require as much water and won’t ruin the cards. Construction paper crayons are not as messy as real oil pastels either.

2. You can also simply just have them draw their favorite character in the story using the watercolor pencils or construction paper crayons. My favorite character is of course the Lion!

3. The story had a great lesson on helping others. Discuss with the students ideas and ways that they can make a contribution to help others and their community. Have them draw this scene of service and love for other people.

Important information you don’t want to miss…


I consider these little cards a unique piece of art. A little mini-canvas similar to an Artist Trading Card (ATC). The possibilities are endless so please take the time to really have your students get creative with them. All artists sign their names on their artwork, so make sure you have them do the same and maybe even the date.


How fun to be able to trade with friends and even the teacher! Or trade with another class from a different city or state. By subscribing to FirefliesBlog and collecting sets of literature trading cards, you are invited to join our closed FB group where you will get special instructions, ideas, and maybe even a “Freebie” every now and then – just to say, thanks! Also, you will meet other parents and educators who are interested in creating connected learning environments for their children/students. (Think old school pen pals!).  An example of how to get started would be to have students create one card for themselves and then another to trade. This is why signing the cards is so important. Their own set of cards can then be displayed in a trading card sleeve, which can be purchased at a variety of craft and hobby stores in the baseball card section. You can also make a small accordion book to paste them all in. I have done that in the past and it is a wonderful way for the students to keep all of their “mini-artwork” in a “mini-style book”! These keepsakes are a great way to revisit all the wonderful literature books you read throughout the school year and preserve those moments together.


To obtain the full beauty and functionality of the cards, please print in color on bright white card stock and cut each one to 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” size. This is a traditional trading card size.

Please note that these cards are only available for a limited time to our FirefliesBlog readers.  After that, you will find them in my TPT store, EAQ Designs, along with other Lit Trading Cards.

Please email us at and ask to join our closed FB group if you are interested in connecting with others who are using and trading these LIT cards.   Type LIT TRADING CARDS in subject line.

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