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Welcome to, ‘Once Upon a Story’ on FirefliesBlog! My name is Joanna Merideth and I am excited to be apart of the ‘Fireflies’ writing team! IMG_4619

Each month, ‘Once Upon a Story,’ will provide you with tips on how you can create the most memories out of story time with your child. I will share ways that you can foster a strong reading foundation in your child by simply snuggling up and sharing a story together! Each month the story I share with you will go along with ‘Fireflies’ monthly theme and create avenues for print, visual, and verbal communication.

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Looking back over my childhood, a love for books was woven into my heart at an early age. I have fond memories reading with my stuffed animals, sitting alone on my Grandma’s staircase reading ‘The Box Car Children,’ and sneaking away to the library at the elementary school where my mother worked. Even when I was attending college at Florida State University and felt homesick, I would go down the street to the Leon County Library and found peace flipping through their children’s books.

I graduated from FSU with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and taught Pre-K and Kindergarten in Orlando, Florida. I recently had 10 early sight word readers called, Mush Mush Readers, published! I still cannot believe I get to say I am a children’s book author!   (www.mushmushreaders.com)

10 books laid out

There are so many amazing children’s books to read to your children and I am sure they have their favorites! I wanted to share 3 of my favorite books that I love reading to children. In no particular order because I just am obsessed with all 3 of them for different reasons:

Quick_as_a_Cricket   best nest grouchy ladybug

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and my upcoming monthly blog series, ‘Once Upon a Story,’ here on Fireflies. Make sure to stop by in September because I will be sharing a video story!


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