Library Lion (and a checklist)

Do you have a library card?  Oh, I hope so!   Do each of your children have their own cards?

Every child should have a chance to choose their own books.

Every child should have a chance to sit in a quiet bedroom and “read” a good book.  Even if reading means for pre-readers, simply looking at the engaging illustrations.

I encourage you make sure that each member in your family has his/her own library card and that you visit your local library often – remember, enthusiastic readers are made, not born.

We invite you to fill your home with books that support this month’s learning adventures and  reinforce the theme: We Love Books!

Books + Read-aloud = MAGIC


     We begin this school year by celebrating the sense of wonder that flows from the pages of a children’s book.  
     Our first book is
Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen and Kevin Hawkes


Enjoy the reading of Library Lion by Mindy Sterling.  (It’s delightful…)

Take this checklist with you to your local library and join us on this month’s literacy & communication adventures.

Download and print out: FirefliesBlog Library Checklist

Deni Corbett


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