Yesterday I found myself at the Greenville Children’s Museum with my 4 and 2-year-old grandchildren.   Sidenote:  If you are ever in the Greenville, SC area, don’t miss their Children’s Museum – period.   On the way to the parking lot we passed a promotional sign to a local exhibit running through September 11th that read

A Trip Through Childhood Favorites

Step into the pages of seven beloved children’s books and enter the world of literacy adventures!

SEVEN!  Seven beloved children’s books – I was hooked.  I didn’t know where this exhibit was, but I was on a mission.   I finally found the exhibit in the nearby Upcountry History Museum and after spending several delightful hours at the children’s museum, off we went.


You entered the exhibit between the pages of an open book, and there before me were seven interactive stations where children could literally walk into the book.   At first Jamie (my daughter) and I were a bit underwhelmed and thought we would be there for a few minutes at the most before the children lost interest,but we were wrong.   Because Jamie reads (and reads and reads some more) to the children, they were familiar with the books & their characters and were instantly enchanted with the interactive activities.

Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats


The children walked into Peter’s room, laid down in his bed and changed the scenes in his window to match the illustrations in the book..  They also put on jackets, scarves, and mittens – all ready for a walk in the snow.


At each station was a copy of the book to read aloud.   How delightful to be able to pause and point out the real life objects from the book’s illustrations.  Here Jamie is reading about Peter’s bed and then turn around and show Elliette Peter’s BED!


After dressing up for a walk in the snow, Elliette stepped in the footprints and heard the “crunch, crunch, crunch, of the fallen snow.”  By the way, here is a great article about diversity in children’s books featuring Snowy Day.  It is worth a read.

On to another favorite…


Next, we sat under a tall Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree…


Tuesday by David Wiesner was oh so clever.   Frogs hidden everywhere.  A child-sized living room complete with a TV setup where you could put on your own TV show (sound effects and costume hats included) was part of the interactive play.IMG_4269

Peter Rabbit was simply dear – complete with a fence that you could climb under and escape.

Needless to say – if you are in the Greenville, SC area before September 11, 2016 – it’s worth your time to visit the Upcountry History Museum with your little ones.




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