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We invite you to join us as we focus on providing children with opportunities to grow personal communication skills .    We believe that children must be able to communicate comfortably and confidently in order to be all they were created to be.

Just think of all the areas in our adult lives that would benefit from effective communication skills:

  • personal relationships
  • parenting
  • sharing beliefs
  • interviewing for a job
  • inspiring others
  • leading a family, an organization, a team

We believe it is critically important that children master communication skills.

Story, Wooden peg and colorful words series on rope

Beginning in August, our team of educators will create unique learning experiences to share with your children in three key communication areas: print, verbal, and visual.   These experiences will all flow from the best in children’s literature.  Along with having the opportunity to join other classrooms in cooperative learning experiences, subscribers will have access to monthly free downloads.

We are excited!  Join us on this Speak…Publish…Create…adventure.

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