The Kissing Hand


This is a traditional read for the first day of school in the early grades, PreK – 1st grade.  Chester, a raccoon, is ready for his first day of school, but he is afraid.  Children will be able to relate to this little raccoon’s fears which is why parents and teachers are able to use The Kissing Hand to initiate sweet discussions about what makes us afraid.  Chester’s Mom helps him feel loved and secure by kissing the center of his hand. She reminds Chester that her love is always right there and if he should feel frightened, scared, or lonely he should simply hold the hand to his face and he will feel her love. 

I hope you enjoy this reading of The Kissing Hand by Barbara Bain (grandparents may remember her from Mission Impossible days…), and if you are a parent getting reading to send a little one to school for the first time, you might want to have a Kleenex nearby…

The Kissing Hand resources are listed below.

Deni Corbett


The Kissing Hand_Activity Guide

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