2016 Caldecott Winner

If you were with us at KSI in Dallas during the presentation of Communications: The 4th “R”, you already know about this book – Finding Winnie by  Lindsay Mattick – illustrated by Sophie Blackall.  A friend of mine, and Fireflies Blog contributor, Jocelyn Bartle, introduced this book to me last year. What a gift she gave to me!  It inspired two original family manuscripts written by esteemed authors; Davis Steven Corbett age 8, and William Hill Corbett age 6.

After reading Finding Winnie, we gathered up our favorite stuffed animal friends. And then we wrote an adventure using our friends as the characters – just like Christopher Robin’s dad.

Next we became illustrators and drew a picture to go along with our written adventure.

Finally we published our book complete with a title page, a dedication page and an “About the Author” page. All that was left was the author signing and celebration – because all published books are to be celebrated.

Finding Winnie also goes with me when I speak, helping me convince educators to integrate communication skills into their writing process.   How?  By publishing children’s writings and celebrating our young authors.

Illustrations help deliver the message of the written words in children’s books, and Sophie Blackall’s visual story-telling does just that.  Finding Winnie‘s Caldecott award is well-deserved.

Horn Book article
Read how the author and artist connected to create this Caldecott winner:

This book had already won my heart before today’s announcement; I am thrilled that is it the 2016 Caldecott winner!

Finding Winnie is a home library must-have!

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