Frog & Toad are Friends

Author:  Arnold Lobel

Here is another one of my favorites – one that I read to create memories and legacy moments in my classroom.   I encourage every home to have a copy of Frog and Toad Are Friends on its library shelves.


The Review

Frog and Toad agreed: it was a perfect day for a swim. And Frog was kind enough not to look at Toad in his bathing suit, per Toad’s request. But when the swimming was over, a crowd had gathered to see Toad in his funny-looking suit, and neither Frog nor Toad could make them leave.The endearing pair hop along through five enchanting stories, looking for lost buttons, greeting the spring, and waiting for mail. Their genuine care for each other makes Frog and Toad two of the finest amphibious role models around. Young readers will chuckle with Frog as they watch Toad’s silly efforts to make up a story. And they will applaud Toad as he finally wakes up after hibernating all winter. The fifth story will warm the hearts of any would-be pen pal–or anyone who has ever known what it’s like to have a true-blue (or green) friend.

The give-and-take of a fast friendship between Frog and Toad is gently affectionate.
[The stories] have freshness, humor, and a beguiling childlike simplicity.

A Caldecott Honor Book and finalist for the National Book Award for Children’s Literature, this installment of Lobel’s classic Frog and Toad series is another essential addition to any youngster’s shelf.        Booklist Review

Why this is a Fireflies Favorite

Not only were Frog and Toad the very best of friends, but they became friends with every child in my classroom who sat captivated, as they listened to these stories.  Frog and Toad’s experiences gave the children insights into friendship that showed hilarity, sadness, and thoughtfulness.   We made paper bag puppets of Frog and Toad and the kids would often retell the stories to one another.  I loved hearing their back-and-forth dialogue!


One of our favorite stories was A Lost Button.  I often read wearing my “story apron” which had pockets in it.  In the pockets, I had placed the button shapes named in the story that Frog finds for Toad.  The kids were so surprised to see all those different shapes of colors and sizes of buttons appear from my pockets.  Then, at last, the correct button.  And just like in the story, we had to sew all the buttons onto a jacket.   I brought in a little jacket and (with supervision!), each child was allowed to help sew a button onto it.  They loved it!

The Lost Button Audio Recording


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