Introducing Lit Trading Cards

So just what is a Fireflies’ Literature Trading Card?

Splash of RedIMAGE

One day as I was exploring the charming town of Saluda, NC, I wondered into a little shop, called Random Arts, that continues to be a place I go to get my creative fix.   Jane Powell is an amazing inspiration and is the one who introduced me to Artist Trading Cards.  I was fascinated with the idea of creating miniature masterpieces and then giving them away; trading them.  Coming from a long line of men in my life who continue to be passionate about collecting and trading baseball cards I wondered, what would happen if we combined the creative expression of ATCs, the joy of collecting and trading baseball cards, and the delight of children’s books?   The result?  Literature Trading Cards!

The idea for Literature Trading Cards was born in 2008, but they didn’t come to life until in 2014  because of the creative talent of Elizabeth Quigley.   I am so excited to introduce Elizabeth’s giftedness and passion for Lit Trading Cards to our Fireflies’ readers.

Elizabeth has opened an online store where you will be able to follow her and purchase wonderful new products that will go along with books and themes highlighted on FirefliesBlog this coming year.  (I’m so excited – I can’t WAIT to share more…in August.) But back to our Lit Trading Cards.    As we announce a new theme and a focus book for that theme, Elizabeth will offer an original trading card FREE, for a limited time, before it is posted in her TPT store.   Check back tomorrow, when we will introduce you to our newest Fireflies contributor and my talented friend, Elizabeth Quigley!  Oh, and you will be able to download your first trading card, A Splash of Red – free!  It’s a gift from Elizabeth to you!



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