Rain Stick Craft

Rain sticks are traditionally made from dead cactus tubes with hundreds of cactus spines hammered into the tube.   Tiny lava pebbles cascade gently through the tube, sounding similar to rain.

Regenmacher Regenstab freigestellt

Make your own Rain Stick!

Supplies needed:

  • A paper towel tube or other long cardboard tube
  • Aluminum foil
  • Small dried beans (lentils), unpopped popcorn, dry rice, or tiny pasta
  • Construction paper or brown paper, like a grocery bag
  • Glue & tape
  • Scissors
  • Paint, crayons, and/or markers


  1. Create the ends of your rain stick by tracing the ends of the tube on the construction paper or paper bag.
    Draw a second circle larger than the first and then cut in from larger circle to smaller creating spokes that will wrap around the end of the tube.
  2. Glue or tape a cap onto one end of the tube.
  3. Cut a piece of aluminum foil that is about one and half times the length of your tube and about 6 inches wide.
  4. Crunch the aluminum foil into two long, thin, snake-like shapes.  Then twist each one into a spring shape.
  5. Put the aluminum foil springs into your tube.Pour some dry beans, dry rice, or unpopped popcorn into your tube. The tube should only be about 1/10 full.  Experiment to see how different amounts and different types of seeds and beans change the sound.
  6. Make another cap from brown paper (the same as the first two steps) and cap your tube.
  7. Decorate the tube by covering it with brown paper or construction paper, and then making designs with crayons or markers (or cut-out paper or stickers).

a rainstick, an instrument that is believed to have been invented by the Aztecs and was played in the belief it could bring about rainstorms. Rainsticks are usually made from cactus

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