Author and Illustrator:  Manya Stojic


Is there anything better on a hot spring day than to hear the distant rumbling of thunder and realize that a cooling  rain shower is on the way?

In our story, Rain, the animals of the African savannah use their senses to predict and then enjoy the rain.

The porcupine sniffs around. “It’s time,” she whispered. “The rain is coming! I can smell it. I must tell the zebras.”

The zebras in turn see the lightning and tell the baboons; who hear the thunder and tell the rhino and on it goes…

Soon it is raining and gushing and gurgling, filling every water hole.  The African savannah begins to sprout fresh, green leaves. The animals now enjoy the aftermaths of the rain shower, not unlike many children.  After all, who hasn’t squished their toes in a cool, soft mud puddle now and then?

You may find yourself searching the sky for some rain clouds after reading this brightly illustrated and fun to read story.

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