Splashy Puddles and Dirt Piles

April showers do bring May flowers, but they also bring – puddles!

Cute happy little boy in wellingtons walking after rain

Cute happy little boy in wellingtons walking after rain

It was a rainy, Saturday April morning when my younger sister and I awoke and groaned, “Now we can’t play outside!”  Then, as if the same conspiratorial idea had hit us unanimously, our groans turned to grins.  We jumped out of bed and headed for Mom.  The pleading began.

“Oh mama, please! There’s no thunder or lightning.  Please can we play outside in the rain?  It would be so fun! Just let us get as wet as we want to. Puh-lee-ease!”

I think Mom took one look at us and knew it was a lost cause.  She relented and Barb and I were soon running around the yard, splashing in every puddle we could find.  In one puddle mud oozed up between our toes and a worm appeared. Barb picked it up; I shrieked.  She dropped it over the curb onto the street and we laughed as it floated away.  Back in the yard, we rolled around in the soppy grass, then just stayed still and let the rain fall gently on us.  After awhile we stood under the eaves where there were gaps in the gutters and squealed as the water poured onto our heads. Before going inside we found some puddles to just sit and splash in. I liked that the best.

My sister and I have talked of that day many times and I was reminded of it again many years later.  My own family was having a swimming pool put in.  The workers had left for the day, but a huge dirt pile was standing in our back yard.  My three young sons came to me “with conspiratorial grins” and began to plead.

“Oh mama, please! Please can we play outside in the dirt pile? It would be so fun! Just let us get as dirty as we want to – just this one day.  Puh-lee-ease!”

I looked at those adorable little faces and all I could see or hear or think of was Barb and I standing before my mom, begging to play out in the rain.  It was a lost cause  – I relented.


For hours my boys climbed, rolled, tumbled, and dug in that huge dirt pile.  I listened to their laughter, but didn’t dare look at what was happening. I knew I’d cave.  It was only when they became hungry that they decided to stop. I hope the neighbors weren’t watching, because they absolutely had to strip down before entering the house for showers! And their clothes – well, let’s just say they were never seen again! But, oh! It was all worth it. I received some great bedtime hugs that night.  Even years later, I would hear, “Thanks, Mom, that dirt pile day was the best ever!”

I still enjoy wading through a puddle now and then. After all, puddles and dirt piles should be enjoyed…

Mary Byrne Kline


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