First PEAS to the Table

How Thomas Jefferson inspired a school garden.
firstpeaAuthor:  Susan Grigsby
Illustrator:  Nicole Tadgell

Any idea who is featured on a nickel?  It’s Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States.  Flip the coin over and you’ll see Monticello, his home in Virginia. One of Jefferson’s favorite things about living at Monticello was spending time working in his thousand-foot-long vegetable garden.  He recorded notes in a journal, called his Garden Book, and even held a contest with his neighboring plantations.  The winner would serve his peas at a dinner for the other gardeners.

Who doesn’t like a good contest? In our book, First PEAS to the Table, Maya’s teacher says the class will plant  garden like Thomas Jefferson’s – and they’ll have a contest to see which student’s peas will be ready first.  It’s just like the contest  Jefferson and his neighbors had each spring.

Maya plants her peas seeds with a secret head start she finds in Jefferson’s Garden Book.  But her friend Shakayla has plans of her own for the contest.  The race is on!

The story is illustrated with beautiful watercolor pictures and there are additional facts about Jefferson at the end of the story.   I’ll bet you a nickel that you will enjoy it!

Mary Byrne Kline

We hope you enjoy this wonderful Teacher’s_Guide – full of interesting facts and engaging learning activities.




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