Review: Over and Under the Snow

Author: Kate Messner
Illustrator: Christopher Silas Neal

“Under the snow is a whole secret kingdom,
where the smallest forest animals stay safe
and warm.  You’re skiing over them now.”

As the young girl and her father enjoy a  day of gliding through the quiet woods on skiis, she is unaware of the world beneath her.  Deep in tunnels, holes and caves, hibernating animals lie cuddled up against the frigid cold in nests of feathers, leaves and fur.   Together they notice tracks of animals still hunting for prey that might be found.

You’ll see the winter home of deer mice, voles and bumblebees, and learn where squirrels store their food. They have an interesting way of finding it later when they’re hungry! And did you know that a Red Fox can actually hear a mouse moving under the snow? That is not good news for the mouse!

Along with the interesting pictures, you will learn a lot about winter animals in this book. Even though YOU live over, it’s sure fun to find out what is under!

Mary Byrne Kline



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