StoryTime: Blueberries for Sal

Welcome to our podcast series, Fireflies’ GLOW.

Enjoy Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

Along with sharing great stories, one of our goals is to get you and your little ones from the front door of your home to the grocery store while we entertain the kids.  Just subscribe to our GLOW podcasts and listen to them in the car!  We know that sometimes you just need a trick up your sleeve to keep the peace in the car.  What better “trick” than story-time?

So in the future, you can expect GLOW episodes that are 15 – 20 minutes of great storytelling from someone on the Fireflies’ team, or a special guest storyteller.  (I hope grocery store is close!)


Please enjoy our first episode of GLOW, where Mary Kline shares one of her favorite books, Blueberries for Sal.  Soon we will be dedicating episodes to some of our little GLOW listeners.  A future Fireflies Blog post will share the details of how to submit names for dedications.

From the Blueberry Council
Activity sheets and kid-friendly blueberry recipes.

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Deni Corbett

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