“Away in A Manger” craft


We have come across some of the sweetest ways to not only celebrate Christ’s birth but also make memories of these wonderful times with our little guys.  Some of our favorite crafts are those that include the boys’ handprints since we can go back and see how cute and chubby their hands were in previous years.  I saw this craft on Pinterest and knew that its message was just perfect.


Here is what you’ll need:

  • Brown, white, and yellow paint
  • Star shaped foam
  • paper plate
  • paint brush
  • light paper for background
  • scissors
  • rafia
  • marker


First, paint the child’s hand brown except for the thumb.  Keep the thumb nice and paint free.


Have them gently spread their fingers apart and place their handprint on your paper.



After your little one has washed up, mix a tiny bit of brown into your white to create a softer, lighter brown that will show up against the darker brown paint used for the “manger”.  Paint only the thumb this time.



Position the thumb to lay in the manger and gently press down.



Add some glue below the “baby Jesus” in the “manger and begin cutting tiny pieces of raffia to be glued onto the “manger”.




When you have a “manger” full of hay, set aside to let it completely dry.


While the bottom portion dries, you can add a yellow star above the “manger” scene.

After it has had time to dry, come back with a marker and add 2 eyes, a halo and a smile to baby Jesus

Ours aren’t entirely dry quite yet, but when they are, we’ll flip it over and write this sweet little poem we saw associated with this craft,

“I used my hand to make a manger, a place for Jesus to lay. I’ll use my heart so full of love, as a place for Jesus to stay.”



Author: Rachel Skvaril
Sugar Artist
Fondant Flinger


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