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Welcome to Fireflies Presents…

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It is my hope that the ideas we share will be the spark that motivates you to intentionally celebrate your family; your children.  These memories are designed to be created in your family room, around a puppet theater, with the smell of fresh popcorn wafting from the kitchen.  Mary’s first show was outside in a local park.   She strung the Fireflies’ puppet theatre between two trees and Fireflies Presents became a Kline Thanksgiving tradition.

The Kline Thanksgiving Show

The Kline Family Thanksgiving Show

We have selected the content for Fireflies Presents to work with one or more children between the ages of 3 – 6.   However, you can easily use the script with children of  all ages.  Simply have an older child or an adult, stand beside the puppet theatre and read the script.   There is a lot of parent involvement and very little preparation or practice needed on the part of the child(ren).   We kept it simple…promise!  Our goal is to inspire you to establish a new family tradition – a legacy moment.

What is a Fireflies Presents Family Night?

Fireflies Presents celebrates the imagination and creativity of what it means to be a child and it begins with a theme and a ticket.
This month the theme is thankfulness:  “T is for Thanksgiving”.
1.     Select an evening for family and friends to gather and pass out the provided tickets as a reminder.  Perhaps this is the entertainment before or after your family Thanksgiving dinner.   Create your program (also provided) if you want to pass out a personalized program at the door.  (May I be so bold as to say, you DO want them – they will be a forever reminder of the evening complete with autographs!)   Simply download the template and fill in your actors’ names and the specifics of your Fireflies Presents evening.  Next, make your popcorn cones, practice once or twice and you are ready for your show.
Making our popcorn cones.

Making our popcorn cones.

photo (53) Puppets?  Check!  Let the show begin…

On the evening of Fireflies Presents…

2.     Children collect the tickets at the front door. Watch your child’s face light up as they realize they are a part of something very special; something that requires a real ticket!


3.     Every person attending is then given a program & popcorn cone filled with hot salted popcorn.   You may want to keep a large refill bowl nearby so that guests can refill as needed.

Even the actors get free popcorn BEFORE the show! Is this a great country or what?

Even the actors get free popcorn BEFORE the show! Is this a great country or what?

4.     Guests take their seats in chairs that are lined up in front of a doorway that holds the Fireflies Presents puppet theater.  (or in front of a box with a tablecloth draped over it…)

Some of the guests can barely contain their excitement!

Some of the guests can barely contain their excitement!

5.     SHOWTIME!
Fireflies Presents…  “T is for Thanksgiving” We have created a simple script for you to follow – nothing to memorize unless you have older children who are able and willing.  Mainly an adult or older child reads the script while the child manipulates the puppets.  Or perhaps there are puppets to go along with a family sing-a-long!   Please feel free to pick and choose – make it uniquely yours based on the make-up of your family.

"Welcome to the show. We hope you like it and come back soon."

“Welcome to the show. We hope you like it and come back soon.”

We’ve provided family sing-a-long sheets.  Print out one for each guest and hand them  out (before or after you pass out the popcorn…)   Remember, the popcorn is essential to a successful evening according to my 3 – 9 year old littles.   It doesn’t really matter what else happens, as long as there is popcorn.




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Storytime as part of the show? Why not?  Especially if the storyteller is Daddy!

6.     Applause and Autographs!  Even if your child can only make a mark for their signature, ask for their autograph.  Imagine how special that “mark” will be in 20 years.

Your autograph, please!

Your autograph, please!

7.     Reception
Serve refreshments that correspond with the theme of the evening.  Yep, we’ve even supplied the recipes.  If you are following our FirefliesBlog.com posts, you will find them there [Apron Adventures].  Below is a picture of the boys making acorns – Rachel’s clever Thanksgiving treat.


Making our “Apron Adventures” acorns before the show.


Or maybe just the beginning of a tradition of
family Fireflies’ Presents evenings at your home.

We encourage you to create a legacy moments with your children this Thanksgiving!
Here is all you need!

Adorable Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Puppets

T is for Thanksgiving SCRIPT

Our sincere desire is to create moments where your family connects and creates a moment; a legacy moment – one that you will remember for years to come.   In 20 years(?) when you see your children replicating these experiences with their children, you will realize that you did indeed create significant legacy moments as a family.

Deni Corbett

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  1. It’s a good thing the children participated well in this fireflies presents. It looks they’re really having the time of their lives. You also showed the right kind of attitude as parents, because you are able to support them especially in many activities that can enhance their talents and confidence. Thanks for sharing your story.

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