Masterpiece Conversations: Leonid Afremov

two sisters leonid afremov

When I think of autumn, I think of colors. Even though I’ve lived my entire life so far in Florida, I can’t help but imagine trees filled with all sorts of yellows, oranges, and reds. Combine the colors with cooler temperatures and fall is absolutely one of my four favorite seasons.

As I thought about all the great artists who used amazing and vibrant colors in their work, I couldn’t help being drawn to one in particular. He’s not a famous artists from hundreds of years ago. In fact, he’s still alive. Leonid Afremov is his name, and he must be one of my favorite artist of all time. His story is filled with struggles and people not being very nice to him or his family. He was born in Russia and worked very hard for years trying to keep his family fed and warm. He moved his family to Israel hoping for a better life, yet they continued to find hard times. It wasn’t until he was able to move his family to the U.S. and his two sons discovered online ways for selling his art that Leonid was finally free to paint whatever he wanted. And, what he wanted to paint was beautiful. He doesn’t tell stories with his paintings. Instead, he tries to share feelings. His paintings are so colorful you can’t help but feel good about life when you see them. The painting I chose to share with you is called “Two Sisters” and I love it. Look at all of those amazing colors! Everything from the plants on the ground to the colors of the leaves behind the girls. As if that wasn’t enough, Mr. Afremov even added polka dots to the girl’s hats. People believe that Leonid Afremov’s paintings help them feel calm and happy. I couldn’t agree more. When you look at these sisters playing in the colors, can you imagine being one of them? Can you imagine walking out in nature on a beautiful autumn day? I know I can.

A fun fact about Leonid Afremov…, he rarely uses brushes to paint. Instead, he chooses to use a palette knife. Look for more on Leonid Afremov and his palette knives in my next “Masterpiece Creation”!

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