Fall is Here! I Love It!

300x300_f1b5202ce128fe235010e9da7ab85644Author:  Elaine W. Good
Illustrator:  Susie Shenk Wenger

COWS!         GOATS!          PIGS!        PHEASANTS!    Oh, what fun! The family farm in this story has all these animals and so much more! Leaves are changing color, falling, and piling up everywhere.  Nuts are dropping out of the trees!  Ripe apples and pears are plunking on the ground.  The corn in the fields is ripe and must be harvested.   The farm is a very busy place.   Our little boy in the story looks at all of these changes and can’t help saying, “Fall is here! I love it!”

As each chore on the farm is begun, our little boy is allowed to take part. To him it is all a part of wonderful Fall, under the guidance of wise parents.  Pokeberries may need to be picked, but they are also nibbled.  The leaves must be raked, but, of course, our little boy needs to jump on them to pack them down.   “Cover me up!” he shouts. “Fall is here! I love it!”   In preparation for next spring, mommy plants flower bulbs deep in the ground before winter.  They are brown and crinkly.  Won’t it be fun to see what shows up in the spring?

The bright watercolor illustrations will delight you as you read this interesting book about a farm in Fall.  The text allows for  good discussion of the detailed pictures.

 Mary Kline

1.  What do people do with goat’s milk?

2. Can you find pictures of the flowers that will bloom from the bulbs that were planted?

3. Why do pigs roll in the mud? Was the mommy right?




  1. This is a book we will love to add to our library. You do a lovely job reviewing the literature.

    Barbara K

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