The Little Yellow Leaf

Author and Illustrator:  Carin Berger


Autumn is certainly a season of change.  We can see it all around us in the brilliant colors of the leaves, even while grass begins to fade to brown.   Our senses of taste and smell look forward to pumpkin bread, spiced tea, taffy apples, and candy corn!  Sweaters and jackets are unpacked for those first cool evenings before frost and winter sets in.

But have you ever wondered how little leaves might feel? Do they want to break free from their branches on the trees, swirl and flutter to the ground, perhaps to be raked into a great heap in which children will play?  That is the dilemma in which we find The Little Yellow Leaf.  He simply lacks the courage to let go.

“And then . . . and then, high up on an icy branch, a scarlet flash.  One more leaf holding tight.” 

Often, finding a friend helps us find our courage.

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little yellow leaf_01

The illustrations in this book are not only unusual, they are captivating.  Each page will hold your attention before you will be able to continue reading. This is truly a delightful story with a message for any age.


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