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Fireflies Presents: F is for FALL!

 It’s fall, y’all! Crisp air, changing leaves, apple cider, and pumpkin pie! Fall is a season to delight in!

We are very excited to share our recent Fireflies Presents with you, F is for FALL! PumpkinPuppet

Fireflies Presents celebrates the imagination and creativity of what it means to be a child. Our Fireflies Presents scripts are filled with original poems and songs, along with adorable hand-drawn illustrations that you can easily turn into puppets! It is our hope that the content of these pages will invite your family to create your very own “evening of the arts”! We’ve kept it simple — promise!

F is for FALL is available for purchase HERE

TpT requires you to join before making a purchase. Don’t worry — it’s free and as easy as can be to sign up! The resources provided will be well worth your time! Click HERE to sign up!

We have designed our unique puppet theater available for purchase for Fireflies Presents.



Email Cheryl Luedk and inquire about ordering a Fireflies Puppet Theater  HERE

OR simply throw a tablecloth across a curtain rod suspended in a door frame! Quick and easy!



Jocelyn Bartle

Storytelling: Sunflowers

It is the season of gratitude. A season that reminds us to take the time and give thanks for all our blessings. Why not show your appreciation this month by creating a gratitude book with your little one? Have your child choose a family member or friend that they are thankful for — I know, it will be hard to pick just one! Delight in a conversation with them about all the wonderful traits this special person has that you adore. Encourage them to think of a special memory they have shared with this person.

The giant, colorful beauty of a sunflower provides a great foundation for our DIY Book!


You’ll Need:



Construction Paper (yellow, brown, and blue)

Glue Stick

Writing Paper



  1. Have your child cut out a large brown circle from their brown construction paper. This book is a great opportunity to practice those scissor skills, so I encourage you to let your child free-cut their shapes. If you would prefer using a template, I have provided one HERE!
  2. Next, use the yellow construction paper to cut out your petal shapes. Again, feel free to free-cut or use the template.
  3. After your child has cut all their shapes have them recall your earlier conversation about their loved one. Have your child write the name of the person they chose on the brown flower center. Write a character trait about that special person on each petal.
  4. Once your petals are full assemble the flower using a glue stick. Then glue onto the blue construction paper cover piece.
  5. Use the writing paper to write a short story featuring that favorite memory!
  6. Complete the book by compiling the cover, the pages of your story, and a final blue piece of construction paper for your book backing. Staple to bind together.




Jocelyn Bartle

Camille and the Sunflowers

A Story About Vincent van Gogh

Author and Illustrator:  Laurence Anholt


I have always thought that sunflowers were most appropriately named; for just looking at one brings such pleasure, as though you’ve been given your own little piece of sunshine to enjoy.

In our story, Camille must have felt much the same way. For when the stranger with a straw hat and yellow beard moved to town, Camille and his father welcomed him with household gifts and a huge bunch of sunflowers in a big brown pot.  How surprised they were to find out that their new friend, Vincent, was a painter! He painted Camille’s father, mother, big brother, baby sister, and finally, Camille himself.  Camille was very excited and shared the painting with his friends.  But instead of the townspeople encouraging Vincent, they teased him and said he should get a real job.

Before Vincent packed up to leave for a new town,  he painted one last picture.  He especially wanted Camille to see it before he left.  Can you guess what it was?  YES!  Vincent lifted down a big picture and there were Camille’s sunflowers!  They were more bright and beautiful than ever.   “Goodbye, Sunflower Man,” he whispered.

As you know, people have learned to love the marvelous paintings of Vincent van Gogh.   His work is displayed in museums and galleries all over the world.  See if you can find pictures of The Starry Night, The Yellow House, The Sunflowers, and the paintings of Camille and his family.  There is even a self-portrait of him wearing his straw hat!


Van Gogh Self-Portrait with Straw Hat 1887

Mary Byrne Kline

Master ARTist Kit

I did some Christmas shopping today and picked up some art kits that I am kinda crazy about, so I thought I would share this one with you in celebration of  Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.   Check out all of their kits – Yep, I bought 5 of them, each focused on a different master artist.


Children’s Master Artist Kit – Van Gogh Sunflowers

  • Sturdy, re-usable art tool box with magnetic closures
  • 3 tubes of child-friendly custom acrylic paints (blue, white, black)
  • 5 child-friendly custom oil pastel crayons (dark blue, light blue, orange, yellow, white)
  • 1 specially designed van Gogh roller
  • Fun, easy-to-understand van Gogh life and art learning aid