Storytelling: Fill in the Blank!

Storytelling Set Graphic

Get ready to giggle!

…or chuckle!

…or roar with laughter!

Words paint mental pictures and inspire our creativity. This activity is based on the wonder of words! When a child is presented with a story frame with missing words they are given a foundation to create!

This activity is a bit like the game Mad Libs, but for maximizing your child’s storytelling experience the story’s context is known as they fill in the missing words. Read the story frame aloud to your child. Ask them to creatively fill in the blanks as the story unfolds. Be sure to encourage your child to think outside the box and think beyond the obvious choices. For your youngest storyteller, provide a little extra guidance on how to fill in the blanks.

When the story frame is completely filled in, read your improvised story aloud. Watch your child delight in the freedom of creativity! Maybe he would like to fill in the blanks again? How fun to discover the many different stories that can come from the same story frame!

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Jocelyn Bartle

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