Masterpiece Conversations: Julian Beever


Snowman themed chalk drawings for the Daily Mail by Julian Beever.. NOT FOR WEBSITE USE. REPEAT - NOT FOR WEBSITE USE. FOR THE NEWSPAPER ONLY!

We usually talk about well-known masterpieces created by famous artist. Most often a piece of art has to be around for a long, long time to be called a masterpiece. I love so many paintings and sculptures that were created hundreds of years ago. It’s a lot of fun to look at old pieces of art and to come up with questions like: how many years they’ve been around? What did the artist use to create them? Where did they get the paint? What was it like to see their paintings when they were new? I can’t go back in history and watch Leonardo Di Vinci paint the Mona Lisa or Vincent van Gogh paint his Starry Night. What I can do is look at the world around me and try to find new masterpieces that are being created today. If you are careful you may notice a masterpiece right under your nose.

Let me introduce you to Julian Beever, a sidewalk artist. He uses chalk and paint to create amazing pictures on sidewalks and roads. He sometimes makes copies of other famous pieces of art, but what he does the most is create illusions. Illusions are pictures that trick you into thinking you are seeing something that you are not. If you look at the picture taken of Mr. Beever holding onto a street pole, it looks like there is a hole beneath him filled with buildings and kids playing on a yard. The truth is he is really standing on a painting. It’s not a hole; it’s an illusion. Julian Beever travels around the world creating pictures like this. He paints animals like frogs and tigers. He paints objects like cups and water puddles. My favorite of his creations are the ones that people can stand on to make the illusion look even more realistic. Look at the winter scene. It’s not really snowing and yet it looks like the children are playing in a winter wonderland. These sidewalk creations don’t last very long, usually only until it rains, but the pictures taken of them will help us to remember how beautiful and fun they were. They may not be masterpieces yet, but who knows, maybe one day you’ll walk down the street and see an artist creating a future masterpiece. Maybe one day, you’ll be that artist. Keep creating and using your imagination and see how much fun you can have.

Watch for my next post on how to create your own illusion art!

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